About Us

We are known for performing a wide variety of music genres. We are known for our innovative and eclectic programs which is intended to engage the old and young, the sophisticated and first-time listener, as well as those interested in understanding diverse cultures and periods


We are a non denomination group with the main aim of winning souls through Music.


Together we Populate the Kingdom of God and depopulate the kingdom of the devil.


We are Friends of God. For what He Christ knows, He has made it known to us as His Friends & Not Servants

Our story

Friends of God Incorporated is a Treble, Alto, Tenor, Baritone-voiced choir and musicians, aged 20 years and beyond.

After Nine (9) years of live performances, we continue to
rely on the Lord for his grace and direction in this ministry. We surrender and
we minister with Christ as our main audience and all others as a team in
praising God.

The recognition that we have received as a choir has provided us with an open door for ministry in presenting the gospel message through music to people.

We organize Seminars to teach and make the general public aware of social issues and how best they can manage or avoid such situations. We also organize Worship Conferences where we educate the choristers the true meaning of Worship and how it is done. We organize Kingdom Population Concerts were we normally evangelize to win souls through our live ministrations and recording of our live videos