Audition! Audition!! Audition!!!

Friends of God Incorporated is known for ministering wide variety of music genres. We are known for our innovative and eclectic programs which is intended to engage the old and young, the sophisticated and first-time listener, as well as those interested in understanding diverse cultures and periods.

We are a diverse group of men and women who care passionately about THE SOULS to be won into the Kingdom of God through the quality of our vocal sound and the professionalism of our ministration and production values.

To the glory of God we have an album 'FOR HIS GLORY' and two Singles 'KRONKRON' and 'LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME' and we are currently working on recording our second album. 

If you are a Christian, a Singer and or an instrument player, this is your chance to be part of a lovely team for the said purpose.

As part of our Second Album recording, we the Friends of God Incorporated are calling for good vocalists (Singers) and instrumentalists to join in the Kingdom Population Business by wining souls for Christ through song ministration.




For more information, please contact the following Executive members

PQ: 0244588848

Ethel: 0245261278

Nii Amon: 0242131428

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