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Our story

In December 2009, the vision to have a group of Gospel Ministers who are Friends of each other already to come together to minister in songs was conceived. This is to win souls and to populate the Kingdom of God.

The Executive body met every month to discuss different issues until their first General meeting with the entire Friends of God Incorporated membership on Sunday 12th February 2011 at the Apostolic Church, Ghana, La Trade Fair Assembly.

The first name of this noble group was “Friends Incorporated” and the motto is “together we populate the kingdom of God”. Upon research it was realized that there are so many groups out there who are using this name.  This led the executive body to go pray for a new name. However, after two months prayers the executive body came out with the new name as “FRIENDS OF GOD INCORPORATED” with a supporting quotation from John 15:15a. But the Motto remained the same.

The number at the first general meeting was nineteen (19) together with seven (7) executive members.

From the first general meeting till date, God has been faithful and we have been able to recruit soldiers of the Kingdom who are now carrying on with the same mantle of populating God’s kingdom.

Seven years ago, it was a struggle for us to even understand how to sacrifice for the things of the ministry but today, we look back and all we can say is God is good and His mercy endures forever.

The journey from 2010 till date has not been easy but with God in our boat we always smile at the storm.

Our Inauguration ministration in 2012