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Papa Owura – Maria e

The writer, singer, composer, Music Director and producer Papa Owura is up again with a new single titled “Maria”. Maria is a Christmas song that talks about Christ, His Miraculous life on earth and talks about the things Mary His mother might have thought right from the Angel’s visitation through Christ birth and His life on earth.


Review of Papa Owura's Releases

Papa Owura has released a lot of Singles and Covers for the past years till now.  Some of the few singles and covers are “More than a Conqueror”, which was released in 2016. A reggae genre with a Jamming flair that encourages the listener not to give up in any situation (Roman 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us,who can be against us?).


Followed by the Cover for “Osibisa’s Woyaya” a household song in Ghana lyric-ed “We are going, Heaven knows were we are going, we know we will….” He did this cover in an acappella style so the listener can enjoy and hear all the Lyrics, vocal parts and harmonies without struggle.

His major Single in 2018 is “Too Loaded” which was released in June 2018. It is also a reggae tune that informs the listener on his/her personality as a Christian. “As Christians, we are too loaded to fail nor lose for it is our heritage in Christ and He has made us more than conquerors.”




Next is the cover of Chris Tomlin’s song “Our God is Greater”. Also a reggae tune that informs the listener that if God be for us who can be against us for God is greater than any other god.

“Psalm 135:5 I know the greatness of the LORD–that our Lord is greater than any other god.”


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Now the big One

Maria e is the New Single to end the year 2018. It’s a Christmas Song that seeks to find out if Mary knew the exact future of her child Jesus Christ before His birth…

He got the inspiration from the old tune “Mary did you know” after recording Winifa’s version in the year 2017. Marie e, is a local version of “Mary did you know” with an afro fuse rhythm just to make it different from the original andante rhythm. This is to bring meaning to the local Ghanaian listener who cannot relate very well with the English language.

I am sure you now have a new Christmas Carol song for the occasion.

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Maria e _ Lyrics

Yeee eeeh
Maria eeeh na wonim anaa?

Maria ee enti na wonim sɛ
Wo’ba barima no bɛ nantew po so anaa
Maria ee enti na wonim sɛ
Wo’ba barima no begye yenkyirima nkwa anaa?
Enti na wonim anaa
Sɛ w’abɔtɔfoa no
Ɔde Nkwagye reba wofie
Abofra noa wogyee no nkwa mrebi no
Sɛɛ ɛmre bi bɛba ma nakye wonkwa bio
Enti na wonim anaa?

Na wonim anaa
Maria eee eeeh

Maria ee enti na wonim sɛ
Wo’ba barima no bɛ ma nifraɛ ahunu adeɛ anaa?
Maria enti na wonim paa sɛ
Woba barima no bɛtene nensa ma asukyerɛ ayɛ koom
Enti na wonim anaa
Sɛ Wo’ba banin no
Ɔne abɔfoɔ na ebedi nsawɔsoɔ
Ɛmrɛ a wodaa ɔdɔ adi kyerɛɛ woba no
Na wonim sɛ Nyankropɔn na woreda
Ɔdɔ adi akyerɛ no oo

Enti na wonim anaa
Maria eee ee
Na wonim anaa

Nifra rehunu ade oo ( Hallelujah )
Asotifoɔ rete nsɛm oo ( Hallelujah)
Awufoɔ nso renya nkwa bio oo ( Amen)
Bubuafoɔ resɔre ( Hallelujah)
Emum nso rekasa oo( Hallelujah )
Na wɔto oguama nayeyinwom ooo (Ayeyinwom oo)

Maria ee enti na wonim sɛ
(Amen Amen Hallelujah Amen)
Wo’ba barima no ne abɔdeɛ nyinaa so wura
Maria ee enti na wonim sɛ
Ɛmre bi bɛba ma na’di wiase nyinaa so oo
Enti na wonim anaa
Sɛ wa’bɔtɔfoa no
Ɔno ne ɔsoro guama krɔgyee koro no
Akokoa noa na ɔda wonsa so mrebi no
Sɛɛ na ɔnoa ne meara ne meara no

Meara ne meara no oo
Yesu ne nedin oo
Frɛntɛmfrɛ Nyankopɔn
Ɔnoa ne nedin no oo
Tweneboa Kodua a ɔde n’eti agye akyerɛma no
Ɔno ara ne nedin no oo
Emmanuel 3×
Ne nedin no oo
Wiase agyenkwa Yesu Kristo
Ɔde fahodie abɛdom neman oo
Maria eee eee mebisa wo sɛ
Na wonim anaa?


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