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Woyaya Cover by Papa Owura

We have been STRUGGLING to get THERE in life. But most at times we get THERE without KNOWING we are THERE. When we are NO MORE THERE then we realize we were once THERE.

Why don’t you take time to yourself and begin counting YOUR BLESSINGS ONE AFTER THE OTHER and you will be amazed to know what The Lord God Has Done in YOUR LIFE.


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This song is not just a song but it is life that has being composed into melody. This is the reason why I have chosen to add my voice to this awesome work done by the Osibisa Band. It is my prayer that as you listen to this song, something positive will stir in your spirit so that your faith and hope in our Lord and Master Jesus Christ will never grow cold. Remember that every little step you take in life, takes you closer to your destination.  Let’s keep the hope alive for our God will surely see us through.”

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Edwin Ampomah Sakyi known in the music industry as Papa Owura is set to release a cover song by one of the greatest ever Band Ghana has ever produced. The song is titled “Woyaya” and it is his new cover song for the year 2018 after the release of his maiden Album BUT THOU in 2011, his single ‘MORE THAN A CONQUEROR and OUR GOD IS GREATER.

This is an acapella version of an old indigenous tune by the Osibisa Band.

This is what Papa Owura said When he was asked why he chose to do the cover for this particular song.

“I didn’t know what the lyrics were when I was a child but I still enjoyed the melodies in the 80s when I first heard this song. Sometimes I felt like crying especially when I was down whenever this song enters my ears then. It was very emotional yet though I still didn’t know what they were singing about. All I could hear at that tender age was ” we will get there ” and “WOYAYA” which calls for an awakening in my spirit. Now I am grown and my understanding of a song has really grown beyond just the rhythm but moreover, the lyrical content means a lot to me now.


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