A Ga song that talks about man’s purpose on earth and judgment; the more reason to live a Godly life on earth and to walk in God’s plan for your life. Released on 24th July 2022. This is the first single off the upcoming Album.

An African Praise Collection from Ghana through Zimbabwe to South Africa. It is made up of Three Ghanaian Songs:

  1. “Nyame Adanfo”,
  2. “Wo ye Owura”
  3. “Wonkoa”,

And the South African Songs also are;

  1. “Mune Simba”,
  2. “Wamilele”, and
  3. “Mungwa Baracka”
This was released on 26th August 2022 and it is the Second Single off the upcoming Album.


Agbɛlɛsi means He is alive. This is a song that talks about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Miracles He performed while on Earth. It is the third single off the upcoming Album. Released on 11th November 2022.